Application for Membership


*$10 joining fee applies to all new and lapsed memberships

*Casual bags are available for non-members at $30 per bag

Subscription Bag Allocation
$95 6
$115 8
$125 10
$155 14
$180 18
$190 20
$220 24

Conditions of Membership

  1. Membership is open to all groups and individuals however Reverse Art Truck Inc. reserves the right to decline or terminate membership.
  2. The membership rate is based on the number of bags the subscribing group wishes to have access to.
  3. Goods collected may only be used by the subscribing group and may not be resold as is.
  4.  The standard measure is the equivalent of a household green 54 litre garbage bag.  Please bring your own garbage bags. Certain resources may be judged as being the value of multiple bags eg. a bag of wood may be judged as being worth 2 or 3 bags worth of resources.
  5. Membership is for 12 months from the day subscription fee is paid, and may be renewed at anytime if your material allocation has been used.  UNUSED allocation does not carry over.  A notice is forwarded approximately 3 weeks prior to renewal.  Lapsed membership of 4 weeks and over (like new members) will incur a $10.00 joining/administration fee.
  6. The amount of materials collected at each visit is inspected and calculated by the employees of Reverse Art Truck Inc. and recorded on a customer card file.
  7. LIMIT signs are placed on some materials.  The LIMITS are per membership (not per person) and must be strictly adhered to.
  8. Reverse Art Truck Inc. does not have umbrella coverage.  Each entity must have their own membership and memberships cannot be shared.
  9. Reverse Art Truck Inc. takes due care and diligence on selecting and making available recycled and reusable materials for educational and community use.​


The organisation is not responsible for any injury or damage cuased by the use of materials collected/supplied.  Collectors and subscribers must therefore assure themselves that materials taken are suitable for the intended purpose.