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Ringwood Store

Tuesday -Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 1pm

Narre Warren Store

Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 1pm

We do not take walk-in donations of any kind.


Thank you so much for your support but we sometimes become overloaded with particular items.

Instead – Please provide us with an image of what you will be donating to [email protected]

Organize your items so we can see everything clearly when you drop them off,

We try to look through every donation to make sure we accept everything in it and reserve the right to reject any donations.

Some notes on what we take and how we are able to accept donations.

This list is created from the requirements of our membership and the valuable time of our staff and volunteers.

Our members are: Artists, crafters, theatre / staging and prop designers for television and school and amateur production, art and science teachers, woodwork and tech. teachers, playworkers, as well as party organisers and creative young families.  If you think that what you have would be used by someone in these groups, chances are we’ll take it.


  • Please ensure that CDs are removed from their covers
  • We DO accept 2nd-hand premium artist-grade pens and pencils but are unable to accept anything less.
  • We do not accept polystyrene packaging pieces.
  • We DO accept larger items, as we also resource ‘Loose Parts’ play to schools around Victoria. These may take the shape of things as diverse as carry-on luggage, foam mattresses, sheets and blankets, 80’s style plastic Sebel school chairs, gym crash mats and more.
  • Fabric – One of the most highly donated and popular item. We have to be quite picky in what we accept as our members are picky in what they take.  If we are unable to take your donation many charities will.

Our main process for donations includes communication regarding what items you would like to donate and how much of that item you have. We then determine whether we can accept the items. We’d prefer large amounts of one item, and items must be washed and organised.

If you have items in mind that you want to donate, you can let us know what they are and we can confirm whether or not we can take them! Sending pictures of the items helps as well.

Some ideas

Timber and Dowel – all shapes and sizes
Variety of Fabrics
Pointed Cones
Fluro Paper
Matt Board Card
Rubber and Foam
Containers – all shapes and sizes
Silver and Gold Foil Paper
Rope, Cord and Elastic

Drums / Barrels
Wooden Blocks
Vinyl and Leather
Small and Large Reels
Wrapping Paper and Ribbons
Plastic Tubing and Hose
Boxes of all shapes and sizes
Wire and Twine

And more, try us and we’ll let you know.

Free Business Pick-up Service

Did you know that businesses in the Melbourne metropolitan area account for nearly half of the materials sent to local landfills?


Although many already recycle, businesses in an average year still throw away tons of reuseable paper, cardboard, wooden offcuts and containers?

Reverse Art Truck provide a free business pick up service to help Melbourne-area businesses easily, effectively and significantly divert materials from landfill while saving money on disposal costs and inspiring creative reuse in our community.


Thanks to the support of our membership, Maroondah City Council and The City of Casey, we are able to offer this service at no cost to businesses.

This free service helps local businesses and manufacturers attain sustainable waste reduction goals.

How It Works

1. Assess the clean and usable items that your business no longer needs.

2. Review the following list of materials we are looking for:

  • Production by-products / defective items and 2nds
  • Unused/unwanted supplies
  • Unique or unusual items
  • surplus retail displays, furniture and odd and ends
  • Bright colors
  • Interesting patterns
  • Multiples of one item
  • Fun shapes

3. Contact us to schedule a free one-time or regular pick up:
[email protected]

4. Collected materials are then sorted and sold for a low price at the Reverse Art Truck scrap-store, to resource and inspire arts and crafts projects. All income goes back into The Reverse Art Truck’s programs, supporting creative and playful education, environmental sustainability and the development of this iconic, low-cost arts and educational resource.​

Benefits to Your Business

Your business’ participation with Reverse Art Truck has numerous benefits:

  • Positions you as a leader in environmentally sustainable behavior in the community
  • Reduces the cost of hauling waste
  • Creates more usable space in your company
  • Shows a commitment to the community and the arts
  • Allows you to participate in the creative reuse movement
  • Supports Reverse Art Truck’s programs
  • Inspires unbridled imagination in our unique community.

Contact Us for a FREE Materials Assessment!

Get in touch to learn more about how Reverse Art Truck can serve as a free resource for your business:


Business Donations Specialist


“Attn: Business Donations – [description of donation]”
[email protected]


If you have any feedback regarding this service,

please email Cam,

[email protected]